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Arthurs Pass

It has taken me a while to process this image exactly the way I saw it, sometimes this happens I think its natural and we just have to wait until we get it exactly right, I am happy with the final result of this image it was shot handheld at iso 400 as I didn’t have time to get my tripod out and setup the shot as the light was changing so quickly, I managed to get the shot and that’s all that matters! I hope you enjoy it.


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Lake Te Anau

Finally have got around to processing this image, was a cold evening this night at Lake Te Anau and I was also struggling with lens issues, I kept getting Lens errors but managed to get enough photos still, that lens was swapped and I have not had the same problem since, Its amazing scenary on this part of the South Island of New Zealand, you have the Fiordlands over the back there where you can see the clouds rolling over, Its not too far a drive to Milford Sound which is the most stunning scenary I have seen.

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