Monthly Archives: November 2009

Car Obsessed

Havnt had many updates lately, my car has been taking up alot of my time, Photography and Cars two expensive hobbies arghh. I feel the urge too head back down south soon though, New wheels and Coilovers.


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Batu Caves

This shot was taken right inside the Caves, I love spots like these the atmosphere of the Music and people praying and temples inside.


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Batu Cave Monkey

On the walk up the steps to the Batu Caves you are welcomed by Monkeys, more friendly then I expected, Have a few shots im working on from inside the caves was a fun place to shoot! interesting walls.


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Kuala Lumpur Trip

Have had a bit of a break from the blog and everything for the past few weeks or so, Does good sometimes I think! anyways Off To KL for a week This Tuesday for some good Relaxation and Photos of course! Hopefully get some shots that might be a bit different from the usual landscapes but I’m sure There will be some of those too!! 🙂 Ive read rumours too the 1ds MKIV will be 32mp, that should get me some hits!!.

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