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North Beach

I took on Jamies Challenge of North Beach not as good as Jamies shot, Jamie you must have been standing right on the rocks?? or the tide was high when I was there the other night 😛 thought I would chuck my last shot of 2009 up, Its been a prety good year and as Ansel Adams said 12 keepers a year and you have had a good year!


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Merry Christmas everyone hope you have a wonderfull day without too many family arguements haha drink plenty and you will be fine, Be safe on the roads too people drive silly down south around this time, heres a photo of my dog Rex took some effort getting some decorations on him.


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Ken Duncan Christmas Message

well we have seen Lik’s new videos now heres a Christmas Song by Ken Duncan hahah

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Outback Decay

Taken out at a Salt Lake near Dowerin in the middle of nowhere, This was after lots of rain and let me tell you that mud is very sticky, being a big bloke doesn’t help either you start sinking into the ground and actually become one with the earth! Think this is a first for B&W on my site too! 🙂

Salt Lakeweb

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Looking out to Injidup

This is a wider shot I took on one of my last trips down South, I actually stopped to catch my breath from the climb up from the rocks haha coming up from there in the dark isnt fun!


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