Monthly Archives: March 2010


Was out in Toodyay this morning looking for some more bush scenes I like the challenge of trying to find a shot somwhere in the hills out there, saw this hill with dead trees and the living tree in the middle and on the other side the hill with heaps of trees and thought it was a good contrast.


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Perth Storm Sunset

Perth has had the biggest storm ive ever seen in my lifetime, but right at sunset there was a break in the clouds and I witnessed the best sunset Ive seen! the colours were insane, Thats a Rainbow and in the middle that light patch is Lightening in the distance, I desaturated this image quite a bit and the white balance is cool too.


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Windy Lancelin

I took this shot a while ago and was just going through my folder of images and thought It would go well with a B&W conversion, I liked the big white cloud and the patterns in the dunes.


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