Monthly Archives: September 2010

Stary Pinnacles

This evening went out to The Pinnacles which is an area of scattered Limestone rocks which have been eroded over a very long time.

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Peel Inlet

Standing in the swampy waters being attacked by thousands of Mosquitos the size of Hornets I set up for this shot, this is a 4min 16 second exposure using the Lee Big Stopper(10 stop ND filter) and the 105mm Lee Polarizer filter aswell, was at sunset, was an amazing sunset.

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This moment of light only lasted for a short time, I ran out and took this shot hand held, you can actually see the light shining out onto the fields, was an awesome site.

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Colours of the Belt

Spring is in the air and out in the wide open wheat belt we have some nice colours making themselves present this is my first shot of Spring! 🙂

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