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Into the Abyss

This is exactly the shot I was trying to get going out here, the different shades and the vast space of the lake in an image which draws your eyes in, well it does to me… am I crazy? you tell me!

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Veins of Lake Ballard

These are the colours of the Goldfields, i love the subtle tones in the landscape.

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Lake Ballard Wild Flowers

I spent the last weekend with a mate camping and taking photos of lake Ballard was my first time there and was suprised at the size of it! I knew it was big but didn’t realise how big! this shot was taken on the Big Hill on the lake.

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Milford Sound

Had an awesome time this day, Was lovely weather and just spent the day driving around the Fiordlands seeing as much as I could.

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Arthurs Pass

Arthurs Pass – Driving through Arthurs pass in New Zealand going from coast to coast there was some pretty crazy weather and as I was driving I saw these rainbows in my rear view Mirror and was lucky to get this shot.

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Lake Wakatipu

was an Early morning rise to shoot this sunrise I drove all the way from Kinloch on the other side of the lake but was worth it I think.

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Outback Night Sky

Hey Guys my blog has been a little neglected lately! hopefully get things going a bit better now, Here’s a photo I took the other week out on the wheatbelt, taken with the Fuji X100 its a two shot stack one photo shot at f/8 for the foreground and the sky shot at F/2.0 to get the stars.

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