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New Zealand Trip

For those that havn’t read on facebook, Im Off to New Zealand South Island next monday for three weeks, Have Hired a prado with rooftop tent and will just be cruising around taking photos Cant wait to get there and start shooting. I will try and keep the blog updated but I don’t know if I will be getting any Wifi connections out there haha.


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Kuala Lumpur Trip

Have had a bit of a break from the blog and everything for the past few weeks or so, Does good sometimes I think! anyways Off To KL for a week This Tuesday for some good Relaxation and Photos of course! Hopefully get some shots that might be a bit different from the usual landscapes but I’m sure There will be some of those too!! 🙂 Ive read rumours too the 1ds MKIV will be 32mp, that should get me some hits!!.

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