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Burns Beach

decided to head upto Burns Beach at sunset last night and it was pretty low tide which was different from the last Time I was there, this was shot with the 28mm, Picked up my Eizo 30″ monitor From Camera Electronics last week Saul did me a good price! big difference over my old apple displays.

Hasselblad H4D-40, 28mm lens.

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The Catlins

This shot was taken driving through the Catlins national park in the south west of the south Island.. Spotted the light shining through and rushed out to get this shot it started raining straight after I shot off this photo.

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Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold! very original…. I love going out into the wide open spaces far away from the city, even a couple hours away the people out here have there own thing going on not really caring whats going on in the big city :). stitch with the Hasselblad.

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Colours of the Belt

Spring is in the air and out in the wide open wheat belt we have some nice colours making themselves present this is my first shot of Spring! 🙂

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