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Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold! very original…. I love going out into the wide open spaces far away from the city, even a couple hours away the people out here have there own thing going on not really caring whats going on in the big city :). stitch with the Hasselblad.

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Stary Pinnacles

This evening went out to The Pinnacles which is an area of scattered Limestone rocks which have been eroded over a very long time.

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Tonight I headed out to one of my favourite salt lakes about 180kms out of Perth and was hoping there was some water in it and there was! was awesome standing there in the water shooting with perfect reflections on the perfectly still water.

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Yallingup Mist

This shot was taken just as the sun was coming up in Yallingup  and the mist started to rise.

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Injidup Rocks

Was a decent walk to this spot from the carpark! worth it though, was tricky navigating over these rocks with the camera on tripod had me a bit nervous at times! Out here at sunset there isn’t a soul to be seen for miles which adds to the fun of shooting places like this.

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Injidup Beach

Hey Everyone! has been a while since Ive posted anything new this is because I havn’t had a Camera for six weeks, I finally picked my new camera up last week! (as the bloggers on facebook would know) damn those Europeans going on summer holidays! the New camera is a Hasselblad H4D-40 and 35-90mm lens which is an awesome lens! hopefully get some more lenses next year anyways, I headed down south over this weekend to test it out and get used to the new system, Im very happy with the results! Cheers Camera Electronics! Cheers Saul for the Gitzo spiked tripod feet they are heaps better then normal rubber feet!

Here’s a shot from friday sunset down at injidup point, in the full size shot you can see my footprints in the dunes over in the distance.

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